Top 5 Reasons To Have A Generator

There have been a number of unexpected weather related outages that have kept many Long Island home and business owners without power.

It usually isn’t until after severe weather occurs that homeowners start to think about measures they can take to stay up and running. Outages are dangerous and when you experience one, it is a headache.

Electricity keeps medical life safety devices operating and our food from perishing. It keeps our security systems functioning and our heating and cooling running. This is a very short list of items that rely on power. It is also a short list of reasons why you should consider home standby generator installation on Long Island. Larger problems can happen without electricity, failing heating can cause pipes to burst and a failing medical device could be fatal.

As a backup generator installer, providing service to Long Island, NY, we understand what our area is subject to. Crazy weather patterns aren’t the only reason why power would cease, and for that reason, you should be prepared. Here’s why:

Home generator installation performed by expert contractors keep you and your family protected

You’ll be given peace of mind that your loved ones are protected through harsh storms. The heat stays on, security systems work, and you can stay connected. You’ll be able to charge up and contact authorities if needed.

A generator that is standby is also a lot safer than a portable generator. This reduces the risk of accidental poisoning from carbon monoxide as well as the risk of fires.

Our home generator installers make it automatic with a transfer switch

There is no need to turn on your generator, as it works for you. A transfer switch installed by our expert team makes it easy when your power goes out. There is no reason to step outside in dangerous weather to get the generator going.

Business owners can rest easy that downtime can be an issue of the past

A successful business operation often means preparation. Have you ever lost power during business hours? The lights go out, leaving your customers unable to safely navigate their way to the front of the store. Your Point of Sale equipment is no longer operating, reducing the number of transactions. Often, in the case of long outages, your business closes for the day, or the week. This means lost revenue. Stay prepared. Call us for a quote today.


An easy way to minimize distress is keeping yourself comfortable during the outages. Keeping the lights on also means the kids are going a little less crazy. There is no need to wrap up in a ton of blankets, you can keep the heat on too! Food in your fridge is accessible. Keep your cell charged and stay connected to the internet

Protect your home

A great way to protect your home is to make the investment in a backup generator. Our installation team knows the benefits inside and out and are here to show you how to operate the generator as well as proactively protect it with maintenance. Without electricity, your home is at risk to flooding, pipe bursts, intrusions due to downed security systems.

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