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Backup Generator Installation On Long Island

AVA Electrical and Lighting in Long Island, New York is the company to trust when you are looking for a standby generator to be ready when the electricity goes out during a storm. With winter on its way, people on Long Island need to be prepared. Local residents know the wind and snow that is expected and they have seen how much damage they can do. Nobody wants to be without electricity during a cold winter night. With a generator from AVA Electrical, you won’t have to worry about that.

Our generators will be installed by our experienced professionals who understand the needs of local people. If you have a solar powered home, we have solar powered battery backups available to make sure you have the energy you need, when you need it. We are committed to service after the sale and will be there if any repairs are needed to make sure that your generator is always operating at optimal efficiency. We also realize that generators are needed at any time of year, because the power can go out in a spring or summer thunderstorm or during the heavy winds of autumn. It is best to make sure you are ready with AVA Electrical’s help. We are the number one choice for electrical service on Long Island.


A standby generator is a must in order to ensure the safety and comfort of your family when the power goes out. There are many things to consider before choosing the best home standby generator for your home.

Picking a Generator Fuel Source

The first step is to pick a fuel source. Standby generators can run on liquid propane or natural gas. Running a generator on diesel is another possibility but very expensive. For Liquid Propane, you will need a tank large enough to properly run your generator. For Natural Gas, the gas line and gas meter have to be the correct size.

How Much Generator Do You Need?

It is important to determine if you want to back up just essential appliances or the whole house in case of an outage. Powering an air conditioner or HVAC system requires a great amount of kilowatts. That will increase the overall cost, although you don’t want the house too hot in the summer and if the pipes freeze in the winter, expenses will far exceed the cost of a generator with the necessary kilowatt output. So these factors will affect the size of the generator you will need and they should be considered carefully.

Generator Transfer Switch Installation

Your generator will also need an automatic transfer switch, so you need to know the amperage of the electrical service panel in your house. The switch senses loss of utility power during an outage and will start your generator’s engine while disconnecting from utility power. Most homes have a 200 amp main breaker, but older or smaller homes may have 100 or 150 amp capability. These are important matters to think about before choosing your standby generator from AVA Electrical.


It just makes sense to purchase a standby generator or solar panel battery backup to protect your family during a power outage. If you are interested in a local company that cares about their customers, choose AVA Electrical for your generator and solar power battery backup needs. Call us for a consultation and we will answer any questions you have. We can provide an accurate estimate and expedite the process of choosing and installing your equipment. We have excellent financing options for qualified customers. AVA Electrical is in your corner when it comes to protecting your home and family with top quality generators and solar power battery backups.


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